Small towns #6751

We book in at the caravan park at Tom Price, for a car service (over 20,000 km already), driver service (I need physio on my gluteus media after all that driving), and restock of supplies. This is a mining town to the core, but is neat, clean and friendly, with a community feel, unlike some mining towns we pass through. There is another good library for the girls to finish some schoolwork.

The caravan park has a lot of coming & going, with tourists like us and short term mining residents. The craziest setup we see is towing three quad bikes, two surfboards, two kayaks, and a tinnie, plus a couple of swags for the family. I guess they like their toys! I still can't fathom why people want to travel towing such a heavy rig. The fuel costs alone must be insane.

Hammersley Gorge has the best rockpool swimming yet. The “Spa Pool” is fun, but decidedly not warm. I take a 500m downstream swim through the stunning gorge, and can't feel my toes afterwards.


We take a bus tour through the Tom Price iron ore mine tour. It's huge, and needs to be seen close up to understand the scale of the investment.