Small towns #1 – Nimmitabel

Australia has about 1,700 small towns and they all seem to be different in their own way.

We stop in Nimmitabel for a few days on our way to the coast, because it has a cheap council run camp site. This turns out to have a friendly caretaker, a couple of colourful long term residents, and great showers. They can't stop the rain though; luckily we have a hard floor camper and D1's new tent is waterproof, so we cope with a little mud.

There are a few more characters at the bowlo and the pub, both of which are low on custom, due to bushfires & covid. I hope they bounce back.

Nimmitabel has a famous mill, hand built by a German immigrant in the 1860s, who was then refused permission to operate in case it scared the horses on the highway. The politics of this are lost to time, but it smells to me like a competing miller had some friends on the council, and got him shut down. More modern mill products are available at the local bakery, which is top class, 5-stars, would pie again.

Some other campers don't like Nimmitabel as much as we do. A late arriving family with a broken ute are overheard saying “We're stuck in Schitts Creek!”