Mount Gambier

We make it into SA! Four states and territories down, three more to do. (No Tasmania on this trip. We went there a few years ago, and it's great. But we can't do everywhere, and the ferry with a trailer is expensive).

SA seems to be noticeably more scared of COVID than other states. Maybe a NSW number plate is making people jumpy? I guess NSW and VIC have just learned to live with it better.

Just outside Mount Gambier, we have a whole paddock to camp in all to ourselves. This is our first booking through HipCamp. We've found most sites they list to be too hip for us. We like it cheap and cheerful, and this is certainly cheap! A longdrop toilet would be nice, but it will do.

Mount Gambier is dominated by the Blue Lake, which is looking fabulous. The highlight of the trip so far is snorkeling in the freshwater limestone sinkholes at Ewans Ponds.

As we leave town, the side of the Blue Lake hill is on fire. So far on this trip we have narrowly missed several crazy environmental events (hail, storms, floods, fires).