Our plans to head for the West Australia border for 5th February are thrown into disarray, as their state government gets the mother of all COVID anxiety attacks, and postpones the grand reopening. What to do?

Heading north to the red centre is not wise this early in the year, due to recent floods and ever present risk of extreme heat. We don't want to backtrack to Victoria. D1 suggests we kill more time in SA, and that we should check out Kangaroo Island.

The ferry is a tight fit for our ute and camper trailer, but the crew are experts at guiding us on.

Lyra ferry

The road out to Flinders Chase National Park feels like real wilderness for the first time in this trip. We are here to see the sea lion colony. A parks guide takes us right down to the beach, where adult sea lions rest after days spent fish hunting, and juveniles await their parents' return.

Sea Lions

Other highlights are snorkeling on the north coast, lighthouse tours, elephant rocks, and watching the sunset from the pub verrandah.

The week flies by, and all too soon we are rushing to get back on the ferry at 6am. Luckily our campsite is right near the ferry terminal. Now onwards to Adelaide, and hope that WA reopens.