Inside Australia

Next big stop is Kalgoorlie, the 4th biggest town in WA and the biggest goldmining town in Australia. Mostly friendly, good for supplies, but a little dusty. Our booked site at the caravan park is way too dusty, and we move to one with some shade an a little grass.

Two hours north, the Great Western Woodlands start to turn to desert country. Our goal is Lake Ballard, a salt lake and sculpture park.

A simple campsite is on the sands by the edge of the lake. Scattered across the lakebed are dozens of 80% life size bronze humans. Watching? Guarding? Waiting for something?


They definitely need to be seen at sunrise & sunset, to get the full effect of their shadows. We survive a day in what shade we can create in our camp. In the evening we walk 5km across the salt to the very outskirts of the bronze crowd. A full walk to visit them all would be much longer, but unwise as the evening temperatures are still high.


This was totally worth the journey. Exceptional artwork, in a wild and remote location. Now back south towards the coast.