Wood duck Dingo (at Yarrangobilly) Pie dish beetle Hooded plover Sea lions Sooty oystercatcher A very strange decorator caterpillar of some kind Lesser sand plover Peninsula brown snake Swamphen Red tailed black cockatoo Mallee fowl Scarlet robin Superb fairy wren Grey fantail 28 parrot Grey nurse shark Broad banded sand swimmer Stimson's python Manta rays Shark bay sea snake Mantis shrimp Bronze whaler shark Cow tailed ray Spotted ray Wedge tailed eagle (eating a decapitated kangaroo) Sea eagle Spinifex pigeon Mulga snake Little corella Pied heron Great egret Rainbow bee eater Masked lapwing Brolga Mangrove heron Collared kingfisher Grey crowned babbler Albino peacock Red kneed dotterel Great bowerbird Intermediate egret Night heron Darter Flycatcher Rajah shelduck Bar shouldered dove Red-tailed Black-cockatoo Mulga parrot Big red kangaroo Camel Bettong Azure kingfisher Echidna Masked lapwing Unicorn fish Black and white snapper (juv.) Barramundi rock cod Comb crested jacana Orange-footed Scrub Fowl Yellow-bellied Sunbird Torres Strait Pigeon Bush stone curlew Dugong Shovel nose ray Major skink Pale yellow Robin Scorpionfish Satin Bowerbird Pretty faced wallaby Crimson rosella Hopping mice Bilby Freshwater crocs Saltwater crocs