Coral Coast

We hit the road north from Perth, for several months exploring the WA coast and interior. This is a massive area; WA is the second biggest sub-national region in the world.

Sandy Cape is a beautiful arced bay, with bush camping alongside. This is a great spot to ease back into wilderness travel and long drives. The Pinnacles are a very interesting desert rock formation. Nobody seems to be exactly sure how they formed; maybe related to ancient trees, maybe not.


Lobster fishing is a big local industry, with cheap meals at the Lobster Shack. Is this a mashup of the B52s' songs” Love Shack” and “Rock Lobster”? Tasty, anyway.

Lobster shack

Sadly my dive trip to the Abrolhos Islands is cancelled, due to bad weather. Another time maybe. I'm happy not to have four days being seasick on a tiny dive boat, anyway. Instead we check out Geraldton, which is a bit average to be honest, but has a good museum and at least one decent restaurant. T does another market stall. Next stall over is an election stand for various right-wing fringe parties. This is is not a progressive town, that's for sure.

North of Geraldton, the distances between stops get bigger, and the places get smaller.