Our friends in Cobargo had their house wiped out in the 2020 bush fires, and are rebuilding. We camp just downhill from the construction site; D2 gets to stay in the yurt which mirraculously survived the fire.

This is a good chance to dry out after the rains in the Snowys, and fix some niggles with the camper. Sadly my first attempt to go diving is cancelled due to high winds.

D2 gets her first COVID jab; we are now all up to date. No tears, and no side effects.

If you're a resident of NSW, you probably know that the south coast has a string of beautiful little towns with great beaches and seafood. We make good use of both. If you aren't, then nothing to see here, please move on, thanks.

The Cobargo pub is a good place to see friends & eat pizza. We only make third in the pub quiz, but we do win the bonus prize.